The Greyfeather Wing


The Greyfeather Wing does not exist.

You will not speak openly of our name or purpose.  You will not assume all members of The Winged are in the know.  You will remember the reach and power of the Societies.  You will remember that the lives of others depend on your discretion, and friends will suffer for your hubris.  You will recite the Grey Oath and evermore keep its meaning at the forefront of your memory.

Do these things, and we will quietly aid you in escaping the grasp of your former masters, on the understanding that you will repay the favor by working with us to help others accomplish the same.  We hope that a day may come where every soul in the Secret World has the choice to stand apart from the Societies without fear of retaliation, but today is not that day.  Today our freedom comes at the cost of careful silence, but it is better than the alternative.

We are the Greyfeather Wing, and we do not exist.


RP Themes Faction neutrality, small but tactful resistance group
A Fine Fit For …* Characters seeking to leave their Society, survive as unaffiliated operatives, and/or assist others in achieving the same
Notable Members Pending

* Knowledge of the Greyfeather Wing and participation in associated RP is entirely an opt-in situation.  Characters who would be bothered by the existence of this Wing need never know of it.

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