Blood is thi-….

The endless corridors and offices that made up the Illuminati’s den had always had an oppressive feel to Lynch. Like, this was the place dreams came to die. Where the world ceased to matter, and indivuduals and ideas became nothing but numbers on a screen. Everything neatly summarised and categorised and put in boxes with precise values. In its own way, it was Hell. Though, having seen Hell, the purple haired woman was not entirely sure if this place was not worse still.

Her steps echoed through the corridors as she made her way to her destination. It was a door, and an office, just like so many other doors and offices in this forsaken complex. However, there was something particular about this one office, because its inhabitant was a monster. The worst monster that Lynch could imagine, at that. She stopped at the door and took a deep breath. Anger boiled inside her, and for once it completely dominated the discomfort that these meetings usually brought her. This time, rage consumed her, and even as she slid the door open, Lynch knew that she was about to do something that she would regret.

But seeing the creature behind the desk, she knew that she could not sit on her hands any longer. She had to do something, because if she didn’t, nothing would change and she would never regain any control of her own life.

“Mother.” Lynch could taste the venom in her own voice as the door shut behind her, and she turned to look at the aging beast behind the room’s desk. The woman that met her gaze looked well past her prime, but the steel in those grey eyes were not done. She was pale, and age had turned her hair white. While wrinkled, the woman who had carried Lynch in her womb looked much like her daughter, a permanent fact that was on the ever growing list of why her spawn so resented her.

“Daugh-…” Siobahn began, but Lynch was up and past the desk that separated them in the blink of a moment, her own face almost pressed up against the other woman’s.

“You do not get to call me that!” She shouted, almost blind with rage. All the hurt of the last week, of all the things she had learnt, almost crushed her. But she refused to cry in front of this… thing! Instead, her emotions were completely turned to white hot anger. It was only just that Lynch kept control to herself to such a degree that she slammed down a palm sized disk on the desk. Turning it on with a twist of her wrist, she scrambled the cameras and other security measures in the room. They needed to ‘talk’, and Lynch had every intention for that to happen between four eyes no matter how deep on the overlords’ shit list that put her.

“What are y-UCHK!” There was bewilderment and rising panic in her mother’s voice, used to a semblance of control over her daughter. Such was not the case now, with Lynch’s fingers wrapped around her throat and squeezing, making Siobahn fight for every little bit of breath. While the older woman clawed at her hands, drawing blood, they both knew who was stronger. And Lynch’s strength was further fueled by pure hatred.

“I should fucking murder you…” She growled, watching her mother’s eyes grow big and face turn slowly red as she tried, vainly, to gasp for air. “Like you fucking murdered him!” Lynch all but shouted, shaking her mother in her grasp.

As Siobahn began to stop straining, blinking as she was slipping into unconsciousness, Lynch snarled. Hoisting her up, she slammed her mother down on the table before letting her go, seeing the older woman gasp for breath. She stared at Lynch in wordless disbelief.

“Yeah. I know. I have been digging into your evil, little secret.” Lynch was still leaning over her mother, seeming just a blink away from lashing out again. “You killed him. Or might as well have.” Her voice had turned into a low, hissing whisper. “And I am nothing but a fucking experiment to you.”

Finally able to gather her breath, Siobahn was very unlike her usually collected self. Dishevelled and wide eyed, she looked at her daughter. “Elisabeth, I-…”

“I said DON’T FUCKING CALL ME THAT!” Grabbing her mother by the collar, she pulled her from the desk and slammed her into the wall. Face to face now, Lynch was so close she could feel her mother’s desperate breath. “We are fucking done. You hear that? Done. I never want to see you again. I am fucking done with you, and the Illuminati. I am only staying until I find a way out that doesn’t put me straight in the Hive.” Unable to stop them, Lynch felt tears running down her cheeks. She closed her eyes, disgusted by her own weakness and by the woman in her hands. Under her breath, she whispered; “And if you ever loved me… you will not get in my way.” She let Siobahn go, and the woman slumped against the wall. Opening her eyes again, she stared at her mother. “Because if you do, I will kill you.”

With those words, Lynch turned and went for the door, just as it was slammed open, Two Illuminati agents rushed in, each one pointing pistols at the purple haired woman. Lynch simply looked at them, one eyebrow raised, until she heard a weak voice behind her. “Let her go.”

No one moved. Not Lynch, and not the agents. “I. Said.” Iron had returned to Siobahn’s voice. “Let. Her. Go. Or you will answer to me.” Her tone was dangerous, low, and commanding, not unlike Lynch’s voice had been moments before but with more control and natural ease. Slowly, the guns were lowered, and without hesitation,

Lynch brushed past them, taking her leave of the den and the monster living there. She did not see her mother dismiss the agents. Nor did she see her cry at her desk afterwards. Likely, Lynch would not have cared. For her, it was too little, too late.

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