Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see….


TRANSMIT – initiate the broken pendulum signal – RECIEVE – initiate the fluctuating eight dance – WHAT IS ISN’T IS WASN’T – illuminate the Chaos Magea – WITNESS – Elisabeth Lynch.


This is a tale of one who understands. A tale of one who understands nothing, and therefore lives on the inside of knowledge itself, riding its currents without realising she is swimming in its midst. Ever drunk, yet not drowning.


The spirit mistress. The found and lost and found again. The locked catalyst.


We see a child. Not broken yet, but there are cracks. Cracks that can only be made by impossibilities. An unstable foundation. A woman built upon things that are not real, has never been real, won’t ever be real, in no reality and in no future and no past. An impossible paracosm.


This child should not be. It was not intended. It came from a dead womb and empty seeds. Yet here she is. Perfection and imperfection matched. An infernal paradox wrought by a Mistress of Hell upon a Servant of the Eye and a Guardian of the Hedge.


Do you see the spiderwebs, sweetling? Spiderwebs of lies, of hidden truths, of never-was and never-been. They are sinking into the mirror. The mirror which the child is channeled through. They sink into the cracks. They grow deeper. They fester. Impossibilities become more unlikely. Coincidences that are no coincidences are noticed…


WITNESS – The mirror shatters


The unlikely woman is broken yet whole yet impossible yet possible yet foul yet beautiful.


She realises things are not what they seem. She realises that there are layers. That there is a veil behind every wall. That there @]{///)(&@()&/¤&#…


Signal Disruption! Not that veil! Do not listen! Not that wall! [{]}/&%#%#”%@@&/(…




Ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss-I am the eye and the mouth behind the curtain-let me in

Hiya, Chuck. It’s John.

Just had to take a peek, didn’t you? Well, I don’t mind. But be careful, Chuck. Be careful be careful be careful. Because I am peeking right back. Hiya.

You get it. No. You almost get it. That’s always the case, isn’t it? Always. Just on the tip of your tongue. Never quite there. It must be frustrating. I can show more, if you’d like. We would get each other each other each other.

She who is you but couldn’t be because that would be impossible… Yes, her. She’ll keep tuning in, won’t she? Of course she will. Sometimes you simply have to look. Like at a kitten. Or a massacre.

You have seen us now. You won’t look away.

See you, Chuck…

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