The Agarthan Ant Colony

wpaac01Though major cabals and corporations get the most press, anyone who’s met Ricky Pagan knows that the Secret World has its share of tiny clubs and gangs as well.  Social circles, after all, are perfectly normal; even the charmed idealists who rail against factionalism wind up demonstrating tribalistic behavior themselves.

The Agarthan Ant Colony was established over a century ago by a handful of Gaia’s chosen.  The founding members first met one another exploring Agartha, finding common ground in their shared sense of spiritual attachment to the World Tree.  Moreover, all had in some way fallen victim to social manipulation and exploitation, making them hesitant to interact with others outside of their responsibilities.  The AAC thus provided them with a sense of belonging and a support group of trusted friends.

Wandering beyond Agartha’s “safe” branches can be very risky, and so the AAC drew inspiration from their iconic insect, emulating aspects of ant colonies to better work as a unit, allowing them to travel great distances down the branches before safely returning home.  Such sojourns led to the retrieval of interesting items lost to time, and an eventual partnership with the Winged.

Though members of the AAC are respected for their navigation, hunting and recovery skills, they are also seen as eccentric.  The older members have existed in something of a distant social bubble for decades, embracing a number of peculiar habits and traditions.  It is also rumored that sustained time on distant branches has led to changesminor, but unusualin the way Anima is stored, processed and channeled by their bodies.


RP Themes Agarthan exploration & spirituality, steampunk
A Fine Fit For …* Explorers, Third Age aficionados, salvage specialists, characters for whom Agartha is a holy place, characters who’d prefer a more unconventional social environment than the modern standard
Notable Members Teresa Hallowtek

* These are only suggestions!  There are no strict requirements for characters to be involved in this Wing.

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