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    Welcome to our humble hideaway in this series of twisty bronze tubes we call the internet! We look forward to your contributions, but before you get started, here are the rules of the house.

    I. The Cabal Rules Still Apply

    Please read and familiarize yourself with our Cabal rules, as they apply here as much as they do within the game. Be respectful to fellow posters, and do not troll, flame or otherwise incite drama. Refrain from offering critique or commentary unless it is specifically requested.

    II. Creative Works

    While any registered site user can post comments and contribute to the forums, blog-style posts in the Creative Works section are restricted to approved accounts of Cabal members and friends. When posting such content, be sure to select all applicable categories from the list. The leadership reserves the right to relocate content that has been improperly tagged.

    III. Adult Content

    By building our own site on hosting that permits adult content, we are not bound by the censorship rules of platforms like Enjin or Shivtr. When submitting explicit, pornographic or otherwise NSFW creative work, be sure to check the Adult (18+) category box, whilst OOC content of like nature should be posted in the Dungeon of Depravity section. This will restrict access to approved accounts only, and the content will not be accessible to minors.

    In general, exercise good judgment when posting adult content of any kind. Under no circumstances should illegal material be posted, nor material that is hateful, harassing or otherwise contrary to the rules and goals linked in section I.

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