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    Thanks for signing up and joining our little community!

    We want our website to have almost the same level of immediate accessibility as most community MMO RP hubs found around the internet. Alas, that pesky word “almost” does mean there are a few restrictions. Here’s what a freshly brewed account can and cannot do.

    You CAN create new posts or reply to existing posts in all forum sections, sans the Dungeon of Depravity.

    You CAN post comments on creative works, sans those tagged Adult (18+).

    You CAN complete your profile, including uploading an avatar and cover image.

    You CAN send private messages to other members.

    You CANNOT access adult content sections or the individual posts therein.

    You CANNOT post creative works or calendar events.

    In order to access adult content and gain full authoring privileges for creative works and calendar entries, your account must be approved by the leadership. For all prospective members, this status will be granted upon acceptance into the guild. Trusted friends of the Cabal may also request approval by contacting us.

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