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“We must protect our history, because it turns mistakes into lessons. We have made enough mistakes to give a student infinite wisdom.”

—Arturo Castiglione

Are you looking for a role-playing cabal in Secret World Legends?  Is your character interested in occult history, relic hunting and mystery solving?  Would you fit in well with easygoing group of players seeking to foster a safe space free of harassment and hurtful commentary?  If so, we might be a good fit for you! Feel free to explore the site and get acquainted. If you’re a first time visitor, you may wish to start with the About Us section.


Latest Creative Works

The latest contributions from our cabal of creepy chroniclers can be found below.  To browse entries by category, use the drop-down list from the main menu.

Star Map to the Nameless City Teaser pt.1

Posted by on Thursday, July 5th 2018
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[Render] WTF is this?!

My statement on Funcom’s smiley-face pasties. Not sure if I want to post this on Twitter or not.

Posted by on Wednesday, July 4th 2018
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Item Power Level

Posted by on Monday, July 2nd 2018
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[Render] Red Lenely

Because I had the costume and it seemed like fun, I present Lenely as Red Sonja: And just for fun, a followup with just some slight alterations to make Len look more like Sonja, and no post-processing:

Posted by on Monday, July 2nd 2018
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Compendium of Worlds: Court of Amesbury

Posted by on Thursday, June 28th 2018
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Halcyon Knights Teaser pt.5

Posted by on Sunday, June 24th 2018
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Curved Space

He had been poised looking through the scope of the rifle for 10 minutes. He had barely moved during that time, waiting on something outside to happen; his lack of attention or motion making it clear that he wasn’t at all concerned with what happened in the room behind him. Souhi waited in a chair … MORE “Curved Space”

Posted by on Sunday, June 17th 2018
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Subject: Pages from The Confession of Edward Phillips Harris, c. 1922. Media: Pen on paper. Containment: Pages individually encased in Lucite and locked in storage box. Classification: Extremely Hazardous. Do not remove. Do not destroy. *** The priest is insistent. He keeps asking if the story is true. As if truth is the sole way … MORE “Phobos”

Posted by on Sunday, June 17th 2018
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Ordinal Numbers

After a several minutes of wandering around the large building staring at signs he could not read, the well-dressed gentleman was happy to see the information desk, and he approached the dark-skinned woman standing behind the counter. “I’m sorry.” He began, speaking slowly. “Could you help me with something?” “Of course. “ The woman replied … MORE “Ordinal Numbers”

Posted by on Sunday, June 17th 2018
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Softer Work

“She won’t talk.” Tai-Dan said, indicating the girl handcuffed to a chair in the next room. “I’m about ready to do something more violent to persuade her. It’s frustrating.” Tai-Dan cracked his knuckles and set his jaw, showing that his normal interrogation methods were starting to come out anyway. “And why have you not?” Souhi … MORE “Softer Work”

Posted by on Sunday, June 17th 2018
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