OOC Info & Rules

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Hi there!  Thanks for taking the time to consider our little cadre of weirdos as your possible RP home.

The core group of folks behind The Winged have served as guild leaders and officers in the past, but we’ve also applied to our fair share of guilds, and we know that the shopping-around process can be daunting.  Ergo, we hope the information presented here paints a quick and and accurate picture of who we are, and helps you determine whether or not the experience we offer is right for you.

If you have any questions on topics not addressed here, don’t hesitate to contact us!

I. Our Cabal at a Glance


Guild Type Heavily RP focused
Faction Neutral / Cross-Faction
Alignment Variable1
Cabal Size Small, cozy, everyone matters
Cabal Chat Out of character
RP Themes Esoteric history, lost knowledge, relic hunting, mystery solving
PvE Help with open world PvE content, the occasional dungeon
PvP Nothing organized, at members’ leisure
Raiding Nothing organized, at members’ leisure
Our Personality Laid back, no hate, LGBTQ+ friendly, silly and pervy humor
Requirements Must be 18+ years of age

1 The various Wings of the Cabal are allowed (and encouraged!) to have different alignments, to accommodate as many character types as possible.  It could be said that the Cabal as a whole is Lawful Neutral, albeit enforcing only one law.

II. Rules


A) No harassment or hateful behavior of any kind.

We want The Winged to offer a safe, friendly and easy-going environment in which everyone’s differences are respected, and self-expression is never discouraged by aggressively negative conduct.  Trolling, griefing, bullying, stalking, hate speech, personal attacks, drama-mongering, guilt-tripping and public calling-outs are unacceptable and grounds for removal from the Cabal.

B) No soapboxing, shaming or mockery of anyone’s RP choices, in guild or out.

Being opinionated is part of being human, but at the same time, avoiding harmfully negative commentary is part of being a respectful adult.  As such, do not publicly deride different approaches to RP or the players who prefer apples to your orange.  This is a problem in many games, and it only fosters ill feelings and drives good people away.  By “publicly” we mean community websites, forums and chat rooms, personal but openly visible web content (such as Twitter or Enjin walls), and in-game chat channels.  If you must rant, privately bend the ear of a friend.

C) No exploiting, cheating or harming the gameplay experience of others.

We apply the same philosophy to RP and gameplay alike; we respect other players’ preferences and we are not out to ruin anyone’s fun.  To that end, do not do anything that violates Funcom’s EULA, and do not harass, threaten, grief, scam or steal from other players.

Please read the forum post about the website rules as well.  Remember that in all aspects of the game, our behavior reflects on one another, so let’s keep that positive buzz!


(Potentially Asked Questions)


Q. Occult historical society, huh?  Sounds kind of dull.  Does my character need to be a historian, a sorcerer or some other variety of bookworm?

A. Not at all!  Our Cabal isn’t just about research, it is also about Indiana Jones style relic recovery.  We cannot conserve what we do not possess, after all!  This means many sojourns into the same dangerous territory visited by the typical Bee.  Whether your characters do the bulk of their work in the field or behind a desk, their skills will likely be in demand among The Winged.

Q. I want to join, but I’m lacking a good hook for my character. What can I do?

A. We created the Wings system for this very purpose.  A great many pursuits fall under the general umbrella of “occult history preservation”, and just like the wings of the BMO, the Wings of our Cabal can be built around specific themes.  All guild members have the power to add new Wings as RP requires, determining their goals, rules and structure.  This helps us bridge the gap and integrate new characters.

Q. My character isn’t exactly human.  Will that be a problem?

A. On the contrary, the goals of The Winged are better achieved by forging bonds with like-minded representatives of non-human species.  After all, it would be both arrogant and hatefully intolerant to proclaim that the only meaningful history in the Secret World is human history!  Do note, however, that a certain degree of tact is expected of any character whose nature is potentially objectionable, such as many varieties of demons.  Do not bring trouble carelessly to our doorstep and there will be no issue.


Q. Must be 18+, explicit content sections on the website, all of those saucy Tweets … wink wink, I get it. You’re an ERP guild, right?

A. While we’ve nothing against ERP guilds, we’re no more of one than we are a raiding or PvP guild.  It’s an activity that some of our members might enjoy, but nothing that we schedule or work to provide as part of our experience.  For folks who do indulge, be sure to keep it private (party chat, inside an instance, Twitter DM, etc.) and don’t be a creep to those who do not partake.  No means no, everyone’s comfort level should be respected, and harassment will not be tolerated.

Q. Why have the age requirement at all, then?

A. Considering the game’s rating (PEGI 16, ESRB M) and our OOC sense of humor, adult chatter is pretty commonplace in RP and out.  Moreover, we want our members to contribute their stories and art without the burden of self-censorship, which is why we built our own website on hosting that allows adult content, rather than a platform like Enjin or Shivtr.

Q. I want to join on an alt. It wouldn’t be my main guild/game and I’d only be around occasionally. Is that okay?

A. Absolutely!  We don’t have a participation requirement and we don’t want anyone to feel pressured.  However, if you join up and get involved in RP, we do ask that you let us know if you’ll be vanishing, so we can tie up the necessary loose ends and avoid that pesky fading-into-uncertainty problem.  You can drop us a message in game, or use this forum thread.