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Action, adventure, horror, mystery, romance … no matter the genre, there are countless tales to be told by every Secret Worlder.  Whether diaries or dramatized accounts, we welcome your weirdest, wickedest and most wonderful written work.

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Blood is thi-….

The endless corridors and offices that made up the Illuminati’s den had always had an oppressive feel to Lynch. Like, this was the place dreams came to die. Where the world ceased to matter, and indivuduals and ideas became nothing but numbers on a screen. Everything neatly summarised and categorised and put in boxes with … MORE “Blood is thi-….”

Posted by on Wednesday, September 27th 2017
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Where there is smoke…

Author’s note: This story deals with topics such as Addiction, Mental Unhealth and Suicide. Reader discretion is advised.   —–   Snip. … … Click… Click… Swoosh!   The purple haired woman held the freshly lit cigar up to her mouth, a small stump of it discarded to the ground, enabling her to draw a … MORE “Where there is smoke…”

Posted by on Wednesday, September 27th 2017
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