Like the non-Euclidean geometry of a Lovecraft story, true creativity has no respect for the expected rules.  Here we marshal our magna opera of miscellaneous make.

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[Render] Shadows Where I Stand

(Click for full version)

Posted by on Saturday, May 5th 2018
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[Render] Lenely Descending

Lenely with black wings?

Posted by on Thursday, April 26th 2018
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[Render] At the Pub

Based on a suggestion from Hallowtek.

Posted by on Wednesday, March 28th 2018
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SIBBS Assets, batch 1

So…. been in a bit of Pixel art Frenzy. So I did a couple things. Started with Wilson and Helen, but wasn’t quite satisfied for Wils, so I did Alba instead, redid Wills… everything went so fast after Left to righ: Alba, CoV Spearman, Djinn, Buckler Drone, Helen, OD prototype, Phoenician Hoplite, Smiler Mech and … MORE “SIBBS Assets, batch 1”

Posted by on Thursday, February 22nd 2018
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[Render] Lenely, Combat Uniform

A quick and dirty render of a new combat outfit for Lenely. Normally I wouldn’t post a basic render like this, but for whatever reason I quite like this one.

Posted by on Saturday, January 6th 2018
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