Cabal Wings


Noble though it may be to pursue the spirit of détente in the name of occult heritage conservation, the realities of the Secret World are such that embracing the practice is often far more difficult than embracing the principle.  To better facilitate cooperation and teamwork between compatible individuals, we in The Winged live up to our name by organizing ourselves into Wings.

Wings are subdivisions of our organization that focus on specific goals and projects.  A Wing may be of any size, have its own criteria for membership, and utilize its own private contacts and resources outside of the Cabal.  All of our members in good standing are encouraged to organize their own Wings when necessary.

The Greyfeather Wing

The Greyfeather Wing does not exist. You will not speak openly of our name or purpose.  You will not assume all members of The Winged are in the know.  You will remember the reach and power of the Societies.  You will remember that the lives of others depend on your discretion, and friends will suffer … MORE “The Greyfeather Wing”

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